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SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition

The certificate recognizes the student's hard work, instills loyalty to SIAM, encourages students to join and work with SIAM, gives direct exposure of SIAM leadership to the students, and adds something noteworthy to the student's record for career building.

Participation in this program is optional. The Faculty Advisors may annually select up to one student from each chapter to be recognized for exceptional service to the chapter. Selection of a recipient is done entirely at the advisor's discretion with no involvement or approval by SIAM. The recipient must be a student member of the chapter.

The selected student will receive the SIAM Student Chapter Certificate of Recognition signed by the SIAM Executive Director and the SIAM President. The names of students receiving the certificates of recognition will be announced in SIAM News and will be posted on the SIAM Web site.

For more information, please visit SIAM Certificate of Recognition