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Student Research Paper Prize - 2009

The Chapter's Student Research Paper Prizes are awarded every year to the student author(s) of the most outstanding paper(s) submitted to the Chapter's Student Research Paper Competition. This award is based solely on the merit and content of the student's contribution to the submitted paper. The purpose of the Prizes is to recognize outstanding scholarship by students in applied mathematics or computing.

The Executive Committee together with the Faculty Advisors determines a Jury composed of the specialists in the area for the assessment of the papers. Selection of a recipient is done entirely at the Chapter's discretion with no involvement or approval by SIAM. The recipient must be a student member of the Chapter.

To be considered for the awards, the papers must be published in (or accepted by) an international journal indexed in SCI in 2009 and have originated from the Chapter members. In order to apply, please send a copy of your paper and a brief tabular CV (not more than 2 pages) to us. Good luck!

Important dates:
Deadline for the application: December 31, 2009
End of evaluation: March 1, 2010

For further information please contact us.