Graz Student Chapter of SIAM

An Overview of SIAM

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) is an international community of close to 12,000 individual members. Almost 500 academic, manufacturing, research and development, service and consulting organizations, government, and military organizations worldwide are institutional members.

SIAM fosters the development of applied mathematical and computational methodologies needed in these various application areas. Applied mathematics in partnership with computational science is essential in solving many real-world problems. Through publications, research, and community, the mission of SIAM is to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology.

SIAM was incorporated in 1952 as a nonprofit organization to convey useful mathematical knowledge to other professionals who could implement mathematical theory for practical, industrial, or scientific use. Since then, SIAMís goals have remained the same:

SIAM is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, staffed by more than 60 full- and part-time employees.